Top 5 kitchen items for home remedies & natural medicine

I recollect the days when my pharmaceutical cupboard was loaded with over the counter medications alongside physician endorsed meds. Those days are no more. These are the main 5 kitchen things my family utilizes for medical aid and human services.

Apple juice vinegar


Coconut oil

Aloe Vera


Apple Cider Vinegar

Crude, natural apple juice vinegar is astounding. Many individuals swear by it as a protection, taking shots every day. It is a probiotic, along these lines it keeps the gut solid. It’s different uses include:

Ear contaminations: At the primary indication of an ear disease, lay on your side and utilize a dropper to fill the ear channel with apple juice vinegar. Get it sufficiently early, and one measurement is all you require. Apple juice vinegar eliminates microorganisms and yeast contaminations.

Organism: notwithstanding ears, apple juice vinegar connected straightforwardly will murder parasitic contaminations on the skin, including competitor’s foot.

Sore throats: Gargle with apple juice vinegar. Simply don’t breath in the vapor. Yes, it consumes. Be that as it may, minutes after the fact, your throat won’t hurt.

Bug chomps: Apple juice vinegar is a period regarded cure for mosquito nibbles.

Make a go on the off chance that you have acid reflux. It works!

Vaginal yeast contaminations: Use in a douche. Include 2 tablespoons of apple juice vinegar to 8 ounces of sifted water.

Zits: Dab on pimples and skin inflammation to eliminate microscopic organisms and reestablish legitimate pH to the skin.


Garlic is antibacterial, antifungal, and antiparasitic. Who needs anti-infection agents when we have garlic? At the main indication of sickness, bite garlic. It’s not for the black out of heart, I concur. Yet, hone makes a difference. One of my first endeavors at characteristic prescription was to put a little garlic clove in my ear to treat an ear disease. Try not to do it. Mine stalled out.

Contamination: Chew garlic for any systemic disease. Even better, utilize crude garlic frequently and richly in your eating routine for deterrent care.

Parasite: Garlic can be diced up and used to treat contagious skin diseases.

Vaginal Infections: Insert a garlic clove into the vagina around evening time. For simpler recovery, sew a string through the center.

Aloe vera

Couple of things are as alleviating to the skin as aloe vera.

Consumes: Break open a bit of aloe vera and rub over a consume.

Bothered Skin: Spread aloe vera over influenced skin.

Shallow Injuries: Cuts, rub, bug chomps, skin inflammation. Spread aloe vera over influenced zone.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is antibacterial and antifungal and it is so calming for any skin issues. You can add fundamental oils to treat nail organism or to make bug repellent. (See the principal source beneath for several custom made toothpaste formulas.)

Use for oil pulling. Coconut oil is useful for the teeth and gums and is accounted for to brighten the teeth. It can be utilized as a toothpaste alone or utilized as a base with different fixings (see the principal source underneath for custom made toothpaste formulas).

Aggravated skin. Each assortment of aggravated skin will profit by coconut oil. Awesome for child’s bottoms and grown-up under locales too.


One of ginger’s distinguishing strengths is its capacity to cure queasiness. While garlic is supernatural for purging the collection of parasites, infections, and microorganisms, it can bring about serious queasiness. Take after garlic with ginger to quiet the stomach.

In the event that new ginger is taken at the main indication of a headache, it will stop a headache before it can grab hold. Squeeze crisp ginger with apples or apples and carrots. (We don’t get headaches, however we know individuals who do. This is a wonderful treatment.)

Bite ginger or squeeze it for a ginger shot.

These are the nuts and bolts to dependably continue hand. For an entire rundown of characteristic social insurance things to completely stock your “solution trunk” look at My Organic Pharmacy and Bullet Proof Your Immune System.


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